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Fatal Death At The Valley Fire State Park

  Fatal Shooting at popular state park under Investigation at the valley of Fire State Park. A park ranger shot and killed a person at a Nevada park on Wednesday. T he park ranger fired his service weapon said witnesses in a statement. The only person who was injured was the victim who later died. It was announced that the person died in the park. An autopsy will most likely be performed to confirm the identity of the deceased and reveal the cause and manner of death. Details about what happened before the shooting had not been released by vegas investigators as of last Tuesday. The park ranger was not harmed, and declared a hero.

Victim Of A Shooting In Northwest Las Vegas Is Dead

  The victim of a shooting in northwest Las Vegas has been identified. A medical examiner's report said Lippincott died of multiple gunshot wounds. The man was dead at the scene of the shooting. Jason Johanson from the local Police Department said at a news conference Friday morning another man appeared to be in his 40s, was transported to a hospital in terrible condition. The two men were inside the property with several other people when the argument turned into gunfire. According to a report released Friday afternoon, sheriff's do not think there are any suspects in the shooting.

Tourist Was Stabbed To Death At A Liquor Store

Tourist was stabbed to death at a liquor store near Ranchito Drive. A man died after being stabbed in a grocery store parking lot Monday, Las Vegas police around 4:00 p.m., responded to a report of a stabbing at the store. When officers arrived at the crime scene, a second call came from a man at the same convenience store claiming someone had fired a gun at him. Police went to the home and talked with a man and realized he fit the description of the suspect who stabbed the victim at the liquor store. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

In Handcuffs Football Broncos Hall Of Famer

  FBI representatives arrested football team Denver Broncos Hall of Famer running back Terrell Davis over the weekend following an incident during an airline flight. After his release, Davis described the situation on social media and said he was “shocked” by the events leading up to his arrest. He said he tried to look for a flight attendant at the request of a family member, and the flight attendant acted in what he described as a "disrespectful" manner. Davis' attorney said the FBI questioned other passengers and the United crew before apologizing and allowing Davis to leave. They said they would likely file a lawsuit regarding the matter. Davis said in his post that this was an “irreversible” traumatic experience for his wife and children.

Little Kid Vandalize Cloquet High School Just For Fun

  Cloquet Pine kids wreak havoc at Cloquet High School. The kids also broke a large industrial size TV monitor outside the media center and microphones for the cafeteria sound system and threw about 9 ipads, and several laptops down the stairs; The technology course administrator is still evaluating how many of them can be saved, The faculty were furious by the childrens actions.

Shootout With Police Last Week Ends In Death, Muderer Out On Bail Bond

  Bond is ready to become a suspect in the La Franca standoff. The LA man involved in a shootout with police last week received bail when he appeared in court Monday. Dasnin Richards, 44, made his first appearance at a home on Camshaft Avenue after his arrest Friday evening. This was his first court appearance since an arrest warrant was issued in October last year after he failed to appear, according to county court files.

Man Hunt For Head Of Police Lee Baca

Previous California La Sheriff Lee Baca   has been reported missing. Former Los Angeles County head of police Lee Baca was reported missing from his San Marino home Saturday evening. Baca, who has Alzheimer's disease, served as Los Angeles County sheriff for about fifteen years . Although a command center has been set up near his home, search teams are searching the area with the help of canine officers and helicopters. Numerous police officers and allied institutions helped in the man hunt. Search crews are searching day and night, says the media.

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