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Kidnapping Gun Theft And A Store Manager In Montebello

A man who was found guilty of kidnapping a store manager in Montebello with intent to steal a gun has been given a 25-year prison sentence. Dan Jones, and an unknown additional man, entered a guilty plea against the charges brought to them by the District Attorney's Office and is awaiting a lengthy sentence. According to the authorities, Darmesha moved the guns into coolers after staying in the apartment then later her bosses car. According to USA federal agents, the weapons, which were worth more than a couple hundred thousand were eventually seized because they were believed to be sold on the black market.

Police In Arcadia Are Searching For A Couple

Police in ARCADIA are searching for a couple people involved in a robbery who were wounded in a shooting at a closed workplace. The people are wanted by Arcadia police for breaking into a business on Friday night, robbing it, and injuring one person inside. After the business had closed, four suspects, all of whom were wearing face disguises, tried to enter the small business. Police say that a number of people were still inside at the time. A press release from the police read, " They entered the locked workplace by shooting through the window with a firearm when they were unable to do so." The victim's leg was struck by one of the bullets that had entered the workplace. It was discovered that the state of the individual taken to the medical clinic was steady. The suspects robbed the victims inside and then fled. The casualties were simply ready to portray the suspects vehicle as a new more newer vehicle.

Camouflaged Camera Located In Shrubs Outside An Alhambra Home

After the most recent attempt of a break-in, a hidden camera was found outside a quite Alhambra neighborhood. The police say the so-called "camouflage cameras" were set up by the burglars to learn about the routines of the homeowners. Following the most recent attempt at burglary, a "camouflage camera" hidden camera was discovered across the street from an Alhambra residence. According to the police, these cameras were strategically placed by burglars to gather information about homeowners' home-burglary routines. While responding to an attempted burglary, Alhambra Ca police made a shocking discovery: The camera was found in the bushes with the view pointing to someone's house. Monday evening, a call came in to the residence in on S. Primrose Avenue. They claimed that the victim's neighbor discovered the camera in bushes covered in leaves. The security camera was aimed at the house across the street, so the fact that people are actually planning these th

Agoura Hills Mansion Looted And Targeted For Large Safe

A Mansion in Agoura Hills was looted by security box stealing thieves. The security box was stolen from an Agoura Hills residence by at least three individuals, according to the La County Sheriff's Office. After "raiding the mansion," the masked and gloved thieves loaded a substantially large safe into their sports utility vehicle. If caught they are looking at a 20 years in prison sentence. Any tips are to be directed to the Agoura Hills authorities.

Ransomware, Viruses, Hacking Is Climaxing

Ransomware and other online crimes are on the rise. Regardless of whether your neighbor is a computer programmer or not, it is becoming increasingly easier for them to create a cyber attack. Ransomware attacks cost organizations huge amounts of dollars. These companies aren't helped by a single security company, they are helped out by many. A man in Rancho Cucamonga had been administrating a website for  many years that allowed individuals to compromise other computers and block their access to the world wide web. It affected a large number of computers. Timothy Ferks was sentenced to to almost one year in prison in federal prison last week. The expected harm and impact is huge,” said security expert Wendy Mitch. Web crimes are on the rise, with ransomware incidents rising 20% with announced misfortunes totaling nearly almost a billion dollars.

Head Of The Criminal Organization, Was Stabbed To Death In Prison

After the gang was eliminated, "Sickness," the head of the criminal organization, was stabbed to death in prison. The aggressors, distinguished by jail authorities as street thugs who ended up in prison didn't quit wounding victim until watches "non-violent force" of simple law enforcement tactics multiple times to subdue the prisoners, specialists said. The victim was thought to be dead approximately several hours later. The gang leader is serving 18 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and harming another inmate, The victim who goes by an disclosed gang name was released from prison in years earlier but made his way back into prison. Witnesses at his trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court stated that he went back to his old Montebello town in an effort to keep his gang under his control. .

Crazy Individuals That Stole Copper Were Captured In SB

Four crazy individuals were captured in SB for $14,000 copper burglary. This week, officer's made four arrests as part of an undercover investigation into the theft of copper worth nearly $15,000. On Monday afternoon, volunteered information regarding the arrests and case against the criminals was made available by the SB City Police Department. The investigation has been in effect for "many days." The copper was accounted for taken from Association Pacific Railroad property in Scott City. The suspect is thought to have sold the copper at several large So-Cal recycling facilities, according to the report. The copper was approximately 2,000 feet long and estimated to be worth approximately more than the offered amount from the recycling facility.

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