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Hiker Is The Subject Of Mutilated Body Caused By Bear Attack

A lost hiker is the subject of a mutilated body, the body was discovered in a well known California forest next to a dead bear. The bear's role in the man's death and whether the body was found later or nearby are unknown to authorities. The man's cause of death will be determined by the autopsy medicine examination specialist. The family are on edge while awaiting the report. According to the statement released by th  media, an identification was discovered at the scene.

Cheater Is Being Sued By His Mistress For Kidnapping A Tiger

 Cheater is being sued by his mistress for kidnapping a tiger that is 9 years old. In the court room, his mistress, who was tied up and told she would be shot during the alleged tiger kidnapping, is suing her lover. The court heard that he called the hostage hotline to initiate an undercover intervention when he learned of armed robbers at his house. During the occurrence, a looter let him know he planned to shoot him in the head. The cheater denies the claims and is planning on counter sueing.

San Dimas Woman Killed With A Double Edge Sword

 In San Dimas, a woman was killed by a sword attack. Authorities reported that someone attacked a woman in San Dimas on Monday with a sword, resulting in her death by stab wounds. News Networks and cell phone video captures shows a woman carrying what appears to be a Samurai sword in front of Los Angeles. Province police appointees stop the criminal on the road for a traffic violation. " I heard alarms all over and afterward I heard the police express get down," said San Dimas occupant Theresa Giaogos . Theresa was at home when the episode of violence happened. She wasn't aware that the lady was conveying a message to the public by carrying a sword. Authorities say that one more lady from a similar house had been killed. Local police stated that after deputies searched the house, they discovered a second woman who had not been hurt but had been taken to the hospital for a medical emergency. The woman who was captured on camera walking with a sword is not yet known to be a

Orange County Woman Cashing Fake Checks On The Run

  Orange County authorities are searching for woman accused of identity theft. It was caught on camera that the unidentified woman cashed the fake checks using her stolen driver's license. Orange County authorities have been searching relentlessly for the woman. The crime caught on camera shows the woman wearing a mask and mechanic gloves. Footage also shows that she appears to be driving a small suv. Contact authorities if you see this woman.

Summer Time Vehicle Thefts Escalating

A new initiative has been launched to raise awareness of Baldwin Park CA rising crime rate. Lock your vehicles! Baldwin Park has seen an increase in thefts. Thomas advised, "Please lock your vehicles and ensure that you have removed all valuables." We are doing everything in our power. In order to prevent it from happening again, this is a partnership between us and the community." Additionally, Thomas stated that the trend typically accelerates during the summer break for children.

Kidnapping Gun Theft And A Store Manager In Montebello

A man who was found guilty of kidnapping a store manager in Montebello with intent to steal a gun has been given a 25-year prison sentence. Dan Jones, and an unknown additional man, entered a guilty plea against the charges brought to them by the District Attorney's Office and is awaiting a lengthy sentence. According to the authorities, Darmesha moved the guns into coolers after staying in the apartment then later her bosses car. According to USA federal agents, the weapons, which were worth more than a couple hundred thousand were eventually seized because they were believed to be sold on the black market.

Police In Arcadia Are Searching For A Couple

Police in ARCADIA are searching for a couple people involved in a robbery who were wounded in a shooting at a closed workplace. The people are wanted by Arcadia police for breaking into a business on Friday night, robbing it, and injuring one person inside. After the business had closed, four suspects, all of whom were wearing face disguises, tried to enter the small business. Police say that a number of people were still inside at the time. A press release from the police read, " They entered the locked workplace by shooting through the window with a firearm when they were unable to do so." The victim's leg was struck by one of the bullets that had entered the workplace. It was discovered that the state of the individual taken to the medical clinic was steady. The suspects robbed the victims inside and then fled. The casualties were simply ready to portray the suspects vehicle as a new more newer vehicle.

Camouflaged Camera Located In Shrubs Outside An Alhambra Home

After the most recent attempt of a break-in, a hidden camera was found outside a quite Alhambra neighborhood. The police say the so-called "camouflage cameras" were set up by the burglars to learn about the routines of the homeowners. Following the most recent attempt at burglary, a "camouflage camera" hidden camera was discovered across the street from an Alhambra residence. According to the police, these cameras were strategically placed by burglars to gather information about homeowners' home-burglary routines. While responding to an attempted burglary, Alhambra Ca police made a shocking discovery: The camera was found in the bushes with the view pointing to someone's house. Monday evening, a call came in to the residence in on S. Primrose Avenue. They claimed that the victim's neighbor discovered the camera in bushes covered in leaves. The security camera was aimed at the house across the street, so the fact that people are actually planning these th

Agoura Hills Mansion Looted And Targeted For Large Safe

A Mansion in Agoura Hills was looted by security box stealing thieves. The security box was stolen from an Agoura Hills residence by at least three individuals, according to the La County Sheriff's Office. After "raiding the mansion," the masked and gloved thieves loaded a substantially large safe into their sports utility vehicle. If caught they are looking at a 20 years in prison sentence. Any tips are to be directed to the Agoura Hills authorities.

Ransomware, Viruses, Hacking Is Climaxing

Ransomware and other online crimes are on the rise. Regardless of whether your neighbor is a computer programmer or not, it is becoming increasingly easier for them to create a cyber attack. Ransomware attacks cost organizations huge amounts of dollars. These companies aren't helped by a single security company, they are helped out by many. A man in Rancho Cucamonga had been administrating a website for  many years that allowed individuals to compromise other computers and block their access to the world wide web. It affected a large number of computers. Timothy Ferks was sentenced to to almost one year in prison in federal prison last week. The expected harm and impact is huge,” said security expert Wendy Mitch. Web crimes are on the rise, with ransomware incidents rising 20% with announced misfortunes totaling nearly almost a billion dollars.

Head Of The Criminal Organization, Was Stabbed To Death In Prison

After the gang was eliminated, "Sickness," the head of the criminal organization, was stabbed to death in prison. The aggressors, distinguished by jail authorities as street thugs who ended up in prison didn't quit wounding victim until watches "non-violent force" of simple law enforcement tactics multiple times to subdue the prisoners, specialists said. The victim was thought to be dead approximately several hours later. The gang leader is serving 18 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and harming another inmate, The victim who goes by an disclosed gang name was released from prison in years earlier but made his way back into prison. Witnesses at his trial in Los Angeles County Superior Court stated that he went back to his old Montebello town in an effort to keep his gang under his control. .

Crazy Individuals That Stole Copper Were Captured In SB

Four crazy individuals were captured in SB for $14,000 copper burglary. This week, officer's made four arrests as part of an undercover investigation into the theft of copper worth nearly $15,000. On Monday afternoon, volunteered information regarding the arrests and case against the criminals was made available by the SB City Police Department. The investigation has been in effect for "many days." The copper was accounted for taken from Association Pacific Railroad property in Scott City. The suspect is thought to have sold the copper at several large So-Cal recycling facilities, according to the report. The copper was approximately 2,000 feet long and estimated to be worth approximately more than the offered amount from the recycling facility.

The Never Ending Test Dealership Test Drive

The sentencing of Johnson brings an end to three separate criminal investigations into two distinct auto theft operations that he oversaw. 100 vehicles were taken between the three gatherings in a little more than a year's span. In the underlying sting, the duo addressed themselves as intrigued vehicle purchasers at numerous showrooms in nearby towns, to test drive vehicles with no intention of purchasing them, they presented false identity and insurance documents. They didn't return the vehicles. Officials in the state of Colorado referred to the duo's crime as the "never ending commute."

Steak Stealer From Walmart Is No Where To Be Found

Man accused of stealing steak from major retail store Walmart tried to hold the pharmacist hostage and robbed at gunpoint a Walgreens the same night. Delegates are looking for data about a supposed outfitted burglary that happened Wednesday morning at a Walgreens in Lake District. As indicated by the Lake District police department office, the occurrence happened not long before 10a.m. at the drug store on Clermont blvd. According to deputies, they responded to a Walgreens after receiving reports of a man entering the store carrying a gun. However, the suspect had already fled when the deputies arrived. Deputies identified the man as a bald, red-haired, Caucasian male who was wearing a what appeared to be an expensive shirt and black board shorts and allegedly he brandished a gun in the pharmacy department and stole prescription medications from the pharmacist. Security observed after reviewing security footage of the occurrence realized there were no injuries to be recorded. Anybody w

Found Dead In The Loft's Stockpiling Wardrobe Room

An older man was shot and found dead in the loft's stockpiling wardrobe room. The victim was pronounced dead when police arrived at the a fancy apartments complex at on Woodfair Drive early on Monday morning. Authorities stated that a storage locker attached to an apartment contained the man's body. There are as of now no known observers or a reasonable rationale behind the shooting motive. In order to aid in the investigation, HPD police are actively seeking public information. HPD Homicide requests that anyone with information regarding this case get in touch with them.

Hollywood Chief Vanished While Having An Unsanctioned Romance

  Hollywood chief vanished while having an unsanctioned romance. His body was discovered in a shallow grave two years later. Hollywood film leader Gavin Smith had all the earmarks of being carrying on with a captivating existence with his ideal family in California. But there was a different story going on behind the scenes, and in a tragic twist of fate, his seemingly idyllic life became a real nightmare story. What examiners found was a man who had fostered a dependence on pain relievers because of a back physical issue and was managing a striving marriage in the wake of conceding extramarital undertakings. His story ended in horror as he was discovered submerged under water dead.

Victim Gets Shot At In The Small City of Bell

Victim gets shot at in the City of Bell. Groups that heard about the sudden twist of fate had been sent to a crime scene in the city of Bell. When they were given a tip of a shooting, they noticed a automobile absolutely on drowned by flames. The male driver, who was thought to be his 20s, was free of the automobile however died instantaneously. Later, bullet holes in the automobile were noticed and what seemed to be a gunshot wound to the sufferer had been located by way of authorities. the local investigation force. The police, were told by witnesses thay the criminals were going east on Florence whilst making a u-turn at a high pace of speed, then hitting a pole.

Case Against Inglewood Shoe Business Owners Is Turned Down

 Case against Inglewood shoe business owners is turned down by the district attorney. An Inglewood business owner who is alleged to have accepted stolen goods from a private theft operation has been turned down by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for filing of the charges. A few group were captured, and the business called Tilt was struck by individuals from a Los Angeles team entrusted with fighting shoplifting and other retail violations nearby. Five people were detained in total. Tilt is a respectable organization that will keep on growing since the claims against them have been discredited.

Teen Strangles Her Younger Cousin While Visiting Family

 T he death of an pre-teen boy: The victim was sleeping on the top portion of the beds they shared while the pre-teen girl, who has a birthday next week, used bed sheets to strangle her younger cousin. Following the strangulation, the young girl cleaned the person in question tried to dispose of her body, but couldn't. The teen was charged with First Degree Murder Humboldt Sheriff's. Additionally, the offense of tampering with evidence will be added. I believe this to be one of the most incredibly upsetting demonstrations of viciousness committed by a grown-up or adolescent that my office has arraigned. A child will no longer be subject to additional custody, supervision, or court-ordered mental health treatment as a result of the egregious nature of this crime and the fact that, in accordance with Tennessee law, Juvenile Court loses jurisdiction once the child reaches the age of nineteen; The office petitions Adolescent Adjudication movements to move the delinquent adolescent

DA Lawyer Announced The New Bail Protocol

 The Shelby County DA lawyer announced the new bail protocol measure. On Friday Shelby County District attorney Steve Mulroy and Mayor Lee Harris introduced the addition of a new element to bail policies. This modification guarantees that each one crimes caused by the suspect before current time are taken into account by the magistrate from the very beginning. “it's no mystery that there's been a whole lot of public feedback about the bail current policies,” Mulroy said at a information conference. Public protection has been on the very top their minds amid reports of violent criminals re-offending after being released from prison or being launched into society without bail. "We ought to do justice, we can to save this from re-occurring. "The general public must realize that public protection is our absolute and unconditional priority," Mulroy stated.

900,000 Payout For Nearly Two Decades Behind A Jail Cell

 Sentenced to life in prison for a homicide he did not devote, his time to, Jofama Coleman studiously avoided more calendar time. It become heartbreaking to think that he had unwilling threw away months and years. His younger daughter was deprived of his freedom. "One way or the other the man was capable to get thru the time, he did not even clearly consider the times. every day become the same," he stated, recalling moments when his birthday exceeded with out note. On Wednesday as Coleman sat within the front row of his courtroom in Sacramento, trying to fight for his freedom and get his time back from being behind bars changed to see the positive in potential release. His sentence was 6,481 days. The victim repayment board later voted to turn the his almost 18 years into a 900,000 payout to Coleman under a law that gives exonerees one hundred and forty for each day wrongfully imprisoned.

Ca Lady Takes Responsibility For Stolen Goods

CA lady has quietly plead guilty to the complex cosmetics-robbery manufacturing facility operation A suburban CA woman accused of being a part of a shoplifting operation that stole the millions worth of items from Ulta, Sephora and different stores earlier this year was accused of then selling them on-line at one of the major online conglomerates has quietly taken responsibility to for her crimes. Michelle Mack's plea to the stolen goods and organizer facilitator of the retail theft and conspiracy has some serious prison time to serve. She is also known on her podcast as the "queen."

Eight Million In Retail Robbery Orchestration Criminals

Retail robbery orchestration criminals dealing with prison sentences for stealing nearly eight Million. A California couple recruited younger girls to thieve nearly eight million well worth of makeup from shopping store chains and then resell the gadgets at a enormous discount in an Amazon shop. One of the ringleaders of an organized national shoplifting ring that recruited young ladies to steal approximately millions of dollars worth of makeup and other merchandise is now facing charges from the DA and in Jail.

Correctional Departments Outlawing Forced Labor In California

  California's plan wants to ban forced labor in prisons. C alifornians will vote on a measure aimed at outlawing labor in state jails and prisons. Although the California Constitution outlaw's slavery and forced labor The golden state continues to the practice of such physical activity in prison as punishment for crimes, under a proposed measure, under a proposition. State legislators are considering a complete ban and prohibiting prisons and jails from using it as discipline for criminals behind bars.

Triple Homicide Crime Is Pointing To A Person

  A California triple homicide crime is pointing to a person who has been arrested in Modesto CA. Mr. Cardona is suspected of pyro technics to the trailer in which a lady and her were discovered dead in late June.  The huge organized search for three homicide suspects with ties to Idaho has ended after law enforcement reported the men were arrested and charged. 

Combating Hate In The Inland Empire

Experts said during a panel discussion about combating hate in the Inland Empire. “Hate crimes have increased every presidential election year,” said Brian Levin, co-founder of the Cal State San Bernardino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Hate crimes in the US increased by nearly 25% between and climed again has continued to as of of 2024. Common interests were races of immigrant decents. According to the UC SB center's research. Crimes of hate rose by almost triple digits in America's major cities last year.

Guns And Drugs Were Seized In IE Operation Discipline

Guns and drugs were seized during a two-week crime sweep in the IE Operation Discipline is a nationwide criminal fighting initiative approved by the San Bernardino County Board that funds law enforcement to prevent crimes that impact the "Bliss of life" of residents in the IE. During the course of almost three weeks, under cover teams investigated gang members and individuals known to be prohibited from owning guns. The investigation resulted in 44 felony arrests, an unrevealed amount of pharmaceutical drugs, and the seizure of 20 firearms; most of them are stealth weapons; these are stealth weapons without registration numbers and are made using spare parts.

Prosecutor's Office Increase Penalties During Disasters

  The law authorizes the prosecutor's office to increase penalties for various crimes committed after a disaster if the crime is linked to a natural disaster. “This is a time where we should unite and provide assistance to one another, but instead criminals are taking advantage of others and benefiting themselves, so I think this is a very fair policy at this time,” said the DA.

Fatal Death At The Valley Fire State Park

  Fatal Shooting at popular state park under Investigation at the valley of Fire State Park. A park ranger shot and killed a person at a Nevada park on Wednesday. T he park ranger fired his service weapon said witnesses in a statement. The only person who was injured was the victim who later died. It was announced that the person died in the park. An autopsy will most likely be performed to confirm the identity of the deceased and reveal the cause and manner of death. Details about what happened before the shooting had not been released by vegas investigators as of last Tuesday. The park ranger was not harmed, and declared a hero.

Victim Of A Shooting In Northwest Las Vegas Is Dead

  The victim of a shooting in northwest Las Vegas has been identified. A medical examiner's report said Lippincott died of multiple gunshot wounds. The man was dead at the scene of the shooting. Jason Johanson from the local Police Department said at a news conference Friday morning another man appeared to be in his 40s, was transported to a hospital in terrible condition. The two men were inside the property with several other people when the argument turned into gunfire. According to a report released Friday afternoon, sheriff's do not think there are any suspects in the shooting.

Tourist Was Stabbed To Death At A Liquor Store

Tourist was stabbed to death at a liquor store near Ranchito Drive. A man died after being stabbed in a grocery store parking lot Monday, Las Vegas police around 4:00 p.m., responded to a report of a stabbing at the store. When officers arrived at the crime scene, a second call came from a man at the same convenience store claiming someone had fired a gun at him. Police went to the home and talked with a man and realized he fit the description of the suspect who stabbed the victim at the liquor store. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

In Handcuffs Football Broncos Hall Of Famer

  FBI representatives arrested football team Denver Broncos Hall of Famer running back Terrell Davis over the weekend following an incident during an airline flight. After his release, Davis described the situation on social media and said he was “shocked” by the events leading up to his arrest. He said he tried to look for a flight attendant at the request of a family member, and the flight attendant acted in what he described as a "disrespectful" manner. Davis' attorney said the FBI questioned other passengers and the United crew before apologizing and allowing Davis to leave. They said they would likely file a lawsuit regarding the matter. Davis said in his post that this was an “irreversible” traumatic experience for his wife and children.

Little Kid Vandalize Cloquet High School Just For Fun

  Cloquet Pine kids wreak havoc at Cloquet High School. The kids also broke a large industrial size TV monitor outside the media center and microphones for the cafeteria sound system and threw about 9 ipads, and several laptops down the stairs; The technology course administrator is still evaluating how many of them can be saved, The faculty were furious by the childrens actions.

Shootout With Police Last Week Ends In Death, Muderer Out On Bail Bond

  Bond is ready to become a suspect in the La Franca standoff. The LA man involved in a shootout with police last week received bail when he appeared in court Monday. Dasnin Richards, 44, made his first appearance at a home on Camshaft Avenue after his arrest Friday evening. This was his first court appearance since an arrest warrant was issued in October last year after he failed to appear, according to county court files.

Man Hunt For Head Of Police Lee Baca

Previous California La Sheriff Lee Baca   has been reported missing. Former Los Angeles County head of police Lee Baca was reported missing from his San Marino home Saturday evening. Baca, who has Alzheimer's disease, served as Los Angeles County sheriff for about fifteen years . Although a command center has been set up near his home, search teams are searching the area with the help of canine officers and helicopters. Numerous police officers and allied institutions helped in the man hunt. Search crews are searching day and night, says the media.

Physical Altercation Kills A Man In Street Fight

  Los Angeles County authorities launched an investigation after a 'physical altercation' killed a man. A man died in a "physical altercation" between two groups of people in Los Angeles on Saturday night, authorities said. A press release from the Los Angeles County Police Department said deputies responded to the 4900 block of Loveland Avenue in Bell Gardens around 8:00p.m. T here were reports that there was a fight in the area. Law enforcement said when they arrived at the scene, police found an unresponsive man. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. “Investigators learned that a physical altercation occurred between two groups after the male was found unresponsive on the ground,” the sheriff's department said.

Gay College Student Gets Stabbed During A Murder Spree

The killer says he stabbed a gay college student during a murder spree. Samuel Woodward testified Wednesday that he said he felt "A sense of anger unlike anything I've ever felt in my life." When he stabbed former classmate Blaze Bernstein repeatedly on a Lake Forest street before burying Bernstein by himself  with his bare hands." In a dramatic conclusion to his fou rth day of testimony in a Santa Ana courtroom, Woodward described killing Bernstein violently after she said Bernstein touched her buttocks. He testified against himself that he was concerned that Bernstein had taken and texted obscene pictures of himself to others, which prompted him to first take Bernstein's phone and then attack him. He said he kept stabbing and stabbing he couldn't put the knife down.

Stabbing At A Chinese College Involving Faculty

  Authorities are working to secure U.S. teachers recovering from a stabbing attack in a Chinese park have come home. U.S. police investigated on Tuesday on way to bring home the four stabbing wounded faculty members from Cornell College in Iowa, where they taught in the northeastern Chinese City of Jilin. Jilin city police said a 55-year-old man struck a stranger while walking in a public square on Monday. Police said the attacker also stabbed the guest and three other guests who were with him, as well as a Chinese man who was nearby for intervening. In a statement, police did not provide any details about the motive behind the attack. U.S. faculty officials said Cornell College faculty teach at  Chinese .

University A Fatal Shooting Occurred Near Their Dorm Room.

  University crime is rising to epidemic proportions. Check your university’s statistics in our data. Data shows that as students returned to college campuses across the United States, campus crime also rose, alarming some parents enough to hire their own law enforcement officers. More than $40,000 was raised to hire private security at the University of California,  and Berkeley; This angered the university administration. A half-dozen unarmed guards patrolled campus for more than two weeks in March, according to Sagar Jethani, the father of 2 Berkeley attendees were  involved in the investigation. One month after Jethani sent her children to their 1st year at the university. A short time while attending the University a fatal shooting occurred near their dorm room.

Accused Of Planning To Kidnap, Torture And Conspiracy To Kill

  A Kansas City man has been accused of planning to kidnap, torture and conspiracy  to kill all over a loan involving drug debt. Law enforcement charged a Kansas City for planning to kidnap and torture a man over the drug debt in recent months. The man didn't know the conspiracy he was orchestrating was beeing watched by undercover law enforcement and informants who were conducting a 30 day investigation.

Headless Victims Found In A California Mobile Home

  Decapitated couple found in California dead as suspect's parents. The attacker's motive is still disclosed ; Investigators said they think he acted on his own. Deputies first of all replied to call to a mobile home park within the. Tuesday morning they received the for a domestic violence call. According to regulation enforcement, they also obtained reports of a man blanketed in blood chasing a maintenance employee in the are. "Understanding that the interrogator was on pinnacle and had a heroic attempt to try to get [the suspect], to talk Victoria Alford stated. Government placed Gerdvil on a golf cart alongside a motorcycle path close to Calle Arroyo. Deputies made touch with him and a shootout ensued among the deputies. Gerdvil was shot in several areas and taken to health facility in essentially okay situation.

CA Sees An Upload In Crime.

  Assaults, robberies, shoplifting are on the rise in California as crime climbs the numbers ladder. California continued to experience rapid growth in all, robberies, all crimes, with the latest state data showing a nearly 50% increase in shoplifting by 2024. Total violent crime increased from 199,000 in 2023 to astonishing numbers with most of the increase due to vertical increases in assaults and thefts. Tje question is why is california seeing an upload in crime? Experts say its the fear in future of country.

Police Attempted To Persuade Hopkinton's Homicide Suspect To Not Shop For Weapons

 Police attempted to persuade Hopkinton's homicide suspect to not shop for weapons. Hopkinton police twice attempted to prevent Joseph Francis from buying a gun because of his long crook records — years earlier than he killed his estranged spouse and himself, 14 news networks had discovered. Hopkinton Police leader Mark carrier confirmed Friday that the department denied that the 49 months-vintage's gun programs for 2022 and 20214 The revelation was first said with the aid of The Boston Globe. Police rushed to their Stubtown street domestic after one of the children called for assist. Joseph initiated, leading to an intensive statewide search that ended in an coincidence on Nooseneck Hill street. Police subsequently located him dead inside the motive force's seat of his badly broken automobile.

Lawyer Sacked From Regulation Law Firm Company Husch Blackwell

 Lawyer sacked from regulation law firm company Husch Blackwell admits tax crimes. A former company attorney within the US. In two most important regulation corporations pleaded guilty Wednesday to expenses stemming from his in-kingdom taxes. Eric Lenzen, forty four, pleaded responsible in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, federal court docket to 2 misdemeanor counts of failing to pay his profits taxes for 2017 and 2022. He has admitted, opening a brand new tab that he owes greater than Almost Four million for unpaid taxes, interest and accrual penalties. Attorneys for Lenzen did no longer immediately reply to a request for remark.

Trump Hush Financial Consequences Not On Time Until Septemberl

Trump hush financial consequences not on time until September, weeks earlier than the U.S. Elections are coming. The big apple Donald Trump’s sentencing on criminal charges stemming from hush bills to a porn celebrity changed into postponed on Tuesday until September 19, less than seven weeks before the U.S. The election is coming. Decide Juan Merchan pushed returned the president’s listening to date so he should don't forget former U.S. Sen. John McCain. The president’s case, which would have had to be prosecuted under Monday’s landmark ideal court docket ruling that a president cannot be criminally prosecuted for legit acts. Trump faces an uphill struggle to have the conviction counted as hush cash, as most of the conduct at trouble within the lawsuit predates his time in office.

Supreme Court Ruling On Federal Intervention Involving Guns

WASHINGTON DC, he U.S. The Supreme Court on Friday struck down a federal ban on "bump stock" devices that accelerate the firing of semi-automatic weapons like machine guns, slapping new gun restrictions - this time an introduced bill under Republican former President Donald Trump. The justices, in a 6-3 decision penned by conservative Justice Clarence Thomas, upheld a lower court ruling with Michael Cargill, a gun store owner and gun rights advocate from Austin, Texas, challenging the ban by claiming that the US. bi company misinterpreted a state law banning machine guns as extending to bump stocks.  The conservative justices were in the general public, and the liberal justices dissented.

Americans bought 9 million guns to start 2025

  Americans bought 9 million guns to start 2025. Earlier this week, Critics declared gun violence a public health crisis and issued a 40-page advisory on initiatives to prevent gun deaths. The advisory said the rate of firearm-related deaths "reached a nearly three-decade high in 2022." About a third of Americans say they own a gun for safety and protection, New Research data shows. That statistic reflects the deep-rooted culture of gun ownership in the US. Another report found that in the first four months of 2027, nearly 7 million firearms were purchased in the country.

USA Residents Keep Bringing Guns Through Airport Security

W hy do united states of america residents hold bringing guns through airport security? At the same time as I don’t suppose a jail sentence of as much as 15 years is constant with by chance bringing ammo into Turks & Caicos, I don’t specially blame the TSA for failing to trap him…I blame the collector, even by accident I also observe that sovereign states…or Crown Colonies…have the right to make their own legal guidelines concerning guns and ammunition. Ammo left in your carry-On Bag, assume to Be Arrested in Turks & Caicos or someplace else A 27-year-vintage Virginia guy ought to face up to twenty-seven years in a Carribe jail for wearing  guns in his bring-on luggage to Turks & Caicos for. He claims it was an honest mistake and he did now not recognise the guns were in his bags (one gun was located in his bag, some other in his backpack). He's now not the first to be caught with ammo in his bag: numerous people have been detained and face lengthy jail sentences on the

Actress Didnt Pull The Trigger On The Prop Gun Used In Movie

  The 77 year-old actress and model, who has pleaded not guilty and could face up to 18 months in prison, has repeatedly said she “didn’t pull” the live-on-screen prop gun she made on her Western cinema in 2021. Baldwin remained stoic and attentive throughout the Wednesday, August 11 hearing in Santa Fe's 1st Judicial District Court of New Mexico, which during the testimony of Herber Sanders a manufacturer of collectible firearms around.

OC Counsel Says They Need Billions To Keep Crime Rate Down.

  OC counsel says they need billions to keep crime rate down. Orange County is on the rise and it seems like every day we hear about guns, thefts and car accidents. Figures released Wednesday by Orange County Sheriff John Tina show a 18 percent reduction in overall crime this year. However, to avoid inflating those statistics, Mina said that she needs representatives, and to get them she needs money. The sheriff said they will be worse off if their wages are not competitive, saying they have no choice but to spend more and more money. "We have to do something now - by November 1 or you're going to see vacancies for the next few years and you're going to see delayed response times, you're going to see job losses, increases." in crime and you'll see people getting killed because we don't have the people we need," said Tina.

LA Crack Houses And The Homeless Crisis

  LA crack houses and the homeless crisis. The homeless financed the construction of the defrauding the taxpayers and the pipes burst. Daily dozens of people line up outside the Los Angeles non-profit organization to remove crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia from dirty streets, Los Angeles currently the worst overdose crisis and a series of efforts for overdose prevention, harm reduction to save and expressed public and safety. To that end, Public Health maintains the focus of anti harm reduction injection and prevention services are available and accessible to Los Angeles County residents who use drugs and are at risk of fatal overdose. Harm reduction services and a component of the multiple continuum classes are of the prevention, treatment, and recovery services are needed to address the overdose crisis and other threats to positive well-being of LA residents.

Border Patrol Security Rescues 25 Illegals Migrants From Stolen Train

  Border Patrol security rescues 25 illegals migrants from stolen train car. Around 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents in Cotulla were conducting a train investigation when they reported that the undocumented migrants had been dumped in a train compartment. Officers reported that the compartment was closed, and la migra had no way to escape. Border Patrol police used tools to open the container and freed all 25 people. The migrants, from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, were found to be in good standing and were processed according to their individual immigration status. "In the course of their routine duties, and with temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees yesterday, Border Patrol agents rescued 22-of the 25 migrants from a locked train compartment who had been placed in a dangerous situation.

Mother Dies Trying To Save Her Son From Being Stolen

  Mother dies because she tries to prevent someone from damaging her car and her son inside after after. A thief who stole her car with her young son still inside after Stakely climbed on the hood of the car and tried to stop it, and was thrown off the suspect who was driving erratically, the police said. She suffered a series of head injuries after falling from the car and was rushed to in a critical condition, where she died. When the police came to the scene, stopped the car in the parking lot, who was still sleeping inside. The media learned she loved her son so much she was willing to die for him.

Toddler Dies After Falling Into Pool By Mistake

Toddler dies after falling into pool at South Side apartment complex. Emergency responders were called shortly before 9:40 a.m. to the Vista Del Norte apartment complex off Vista Del Norte near Wurzbach Pkwy. According to the San Antonio Police Department, police were first dispatched to a report of a missing or threatened person. While police were en route, the child was found floating in a community pool. A lawsuit will be in the works stated by the family of the toddler.

Exposition Park Shooting Deadly Details

  Three brothers killed in Exposition Park shooting. Video has emerged from A News Helicopter showing the victims' car covered in a tent in the front yard of a home south of downtown Los Angeles. One person died on the spot. The other was hospitalized and later died. The names of the victims who were later pronounced deceased were not immediately released. They are both thought to be in their 30s. Loved ones the older brother left behind four young children.

High Schools Must Include a Mandatory Course On Fentanyl

  A new law in California would require high schools to teach students about the dangers of fentanyl. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law this month that requires California school districts, charters and private schools with existing health classes provided by high schools to include the a addendum. The courses will be introduced in 2027 and will be compulsory for graduation. San Diego Assemblyman and counsel authored the bill. City Counsel said the goal is to dispel misinformation and encourage informed decision-making among students.

Fentanyl In San Diego Is Causing A Rise In Transients

An Extra amount of immigrants are becoming homeless in San Diego. Most immigrants who go to the border into San Diego don't stay right there. But homeless outreach workers are seeing more immigrants in the homeless populace. Now the Salvation Army in Sierra Mesa is helping senior San Diegans via supplying free AC and recommendations on the way to live safe at some stage in warmness waves. To help fix the homeless problem a brand new law requires California teachers educate college students about the dangers of fentanyl.

Rite Aid Trashed And Vandalized Big Time

 Homeless man trashes Rite Aid. Clients of Rite Aid also stated being threatened, the LAPD stated. Responding officials entered the shop and pounced on items scattered on the floor, along with unoccupied water bottles, an exploded bag of Doritos and boxed food. The man became finally arrested after inflicting approximately $5,000 net worth of damage to the store. Even though his identity not right away launched. There are no reports of accidents to the clients, workers or police. The homeless man did request for assistance in rehabilitation and shelter.

L.A. Drivingfun Down Wilshire Street Thru MacArthur Park.

  L.A. Drivingfun  down Wilshire street thru MacArthur Park. Considered one of la' maximum iconic streets may additionally quickly be vehicle-free — or at the least part of it. Metropolis leaders on Tuesday introduced the first steps to eliminate motors from the much less than 1/2-mile of Wilshire street that bisects MacArthur Park. Over the next 12 months, planners will be searching for input from the community, draft environmental files and check the closure so that you can completely close that reach of road. If finished, the closure could be a watershed second for a place grappling with means of public space on the coronary heart of car culture. It might be the maximum huge blockage of a major artery in recent memory. The Wilshire team focused for closure is inside the midst of a densely populated immigrant network characterized by means of poverty and street way of life. With its playground and lawns, the palm-fringed park welcomed families - but it changed into additionally a

Suspect On The Run After A Police Chase Ended In A Rescue

  A suspect on the run after a police chase ended in a rescue, nabbed a people smuggler. Fontana police chase has ended in ending with the arrest of a smuggler and one fleeing suspect. The Fontana Office announced on Instagram that after a chase that ended early Wednesday afternoon, one driver and one passenger have already been taken into custody. Around 1:00 p.m., a police chase that began in Randy headed north and ended at the  Fontana  property. The pursuit was called off after one passenger jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene. The  Randy  County Office says the units will remain in the area. The driver and passenger were taken into custody. The case is still under investigation and pending warrants.

Rancho Cucamonga Man Killed During Police Chase

  Rancho Cucamonga  man killed during police chase after accused of killing his wife. A man wanted for his wife's murder died over the weekend when his Suburban rolled over during a police chase,  Rancho Cucamonga  Police said in a statement. A warrant was issued Friday for Joseph Francis in connection with the killing of his wife, Hanie Fran whose body was found with gunshot wounds at their home in  Rancho Cucamonga . On Saturday, Westerly police officers spotted Jose Fran driving and unsuccessfully attempted to pull him over. Fran, who had been charged with domestic violence and violating a no-contact order, was already wanted for assaulting his wife in June, according to a police report. In that case, he was accused of violence, domestic violence and assault because he allegedly pushed her, broke her cell phone and shouted at her.

Police Chase Ended In The Harvard Heights Neighborhood

  The suspect was shot after a police chase ended in the Harvard Heights neighborhood. The chase, in a possibly stolen car, began in West LA. The driver hit several vehicles on the side of the road, including several sheriff's patrol cars. The nearly hour-long pursuit ended around 3:55 p.m. in the area of Sunset Avenue and La Habra Boulevard. When deputies entered the vehicle, smoke could be seen coming from one of the tires. Deputies appear to have closed in on another vehicle, which was not involved in the pursuit, and was unable to move. At one point, the suspect rear-ended his vehicle and collided with another sheriff's vehicle. It's not clear what happened next, but deputies reportedly fired shots, shattering the rear window. footage then shows the suspect on the sidewalk as deputies render aid. The suspect was placed in an ambulance under unknown circumstances. There are no reports of injured deputies at this time.

LA Is Loading Up On Guns For Safety And Security

  Gun shop employee says LA is reaching out to gun owner about crime and safety issues. This man is hospitalized. Two more stood up after the shooting. The 41 year-old suspect may be connected to other burglaries in the West Hollywood neighborhood, police said. And while some in the Valley Village neighborhood were shocked by the attempted robbery and shooting, it wasn't the first incident in recent weeks where residents have had to contend with gun-toting criminals. A homeless man attacked the owner of Dan's Kosher Bakery in West Hollywood on Saturday June 30. The owner allegedly pulled out a gun and shot and killed the homeless man in self-defense, police said. On May 8 in Glendale, a gunman tried to carjack two people, but the driver pulled out a gun and shot and killed the suspect, police said.

Foreclosed Residence In LA Bought With Bribes

Foreclosed  residence in L.A. bought with bribes. The United States government plans to sell a multi-million dollar mansion in LA that was seized from the family of a former middle eastern family, The property buyer was a former politician accused of using the property for the purpose of laundering bribes. According to the agreement, the U.S. will sell the property "at the highest market price available". The home was listed for sale for $65.8 million in 2022. Later it was listed  below $45 million.

Man Died Of Massive Head Trauma

  Man died of "massive head trauma" after setting fire to Uncle Sam's top hat on July 5 A man's death, an accident after he lit Uncle Sam's top hat on fire on July 5, a South Carolina coroner told on Monday. Allen Ray McGrew, 42, died Friday afternoon while celebrating outside his home in Summerville, a town about 20 miles northwest of Charleston, the Kern County Police Office announced last week. The Coroner Luke Brouthers said Mccrew died of "extreme head trauma with a brain tumor" and ruled his death accidental.

Police Chase Ends With Drug Bus

  Police Chase ends with drug bust in downtown Los Angeles. A police chase in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday ended with the discovery of millions of dollars worth of cash along with drugs. It all started after 8:00 a.m. when California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers on the 5 Freeway spotted a Ford pickup truck with "tinted windows." When officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop, the suspected vehicle refused to listen and led the CHP on a pursuit for about 20 minutes. But when the suspect eventually haulted on 3d  Street near Figueroa Street, police captured the suspect and put him cuffs.

Law Requires Drug Test At Clubs And Bars

  California law requires bars and clubs to provide drug testing equipment. The law would require the 3000 establishments with state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Type fourty eight licenses, which authorize the sale of beer, wine and distilled spirits, to provide the testing equipment for free or at a price "that does not exceed a reasonable amount that is not based on revenue sale cost," the department said in a release by newspaper.

Huge So-Cal Drug Bust In California

  More than 90 were arrested in a Southern California drug bust. Over a three-week period, 47 people were observed buying various illegal drugs, including meth, fenty coca, pcp and exotic shrooms. During a 4-day operation, 49 drug dealers were identified and 35 were arrested for drug trafficking related crimes. With the assistance of law enforcement agencies, 89 other suspects were arrested and charged on various charges, including:fraud. Justice will be served to these criminals.

Sleeping On Public Property Can Be A Crime

  If you're homeless, sleeping on public property can be a crime, the Supreme Court says. Advocates for the homeless warn that the U.S. decision is a threat to homelessness. The Supreme Court ruled in a landmark case that banning camping would only exacerbate the homelessness problem and force more people into jail, debt and a life cycle of living on the streets. On Saturday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Grants Pass, Oregon, a small town with a beyond high homeless population. The justices ruled in favor that the city could still ban sleeping in public, which would prohibit homeless people from living on public streets, according to pro-grants Pass advocates who spoke to the public through news media. People who violate the ban will face fines and possibly imprisonment for many years to come. 

Dallas Human Trafficking Charges Made

  Dallas: 4 or 5 Indians arrested in shocking crime. U.S. The State Department estimates that between 14,500 and 19,570 people are trafficked into the United States each year for forced labor or forced labor, indicating the alarming growth of this problem. Recently, a disturbing revelation came to light when four persons of Telugu origin were arrested on charges of human and labor trafficking. During the search, police seized several laptops, mobile phones, printers and fraudulent documents. Another investigation revealed that adult males engaged in similar forced labour, leading to additional searches at various locations where more electronic devices and documents were taken for evidence.

So-Cal Gang Member Convicted In Ventura

  A Southern California gang member is sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing a 15-year-old boy. In So-California street gang member has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for killing a fourteen year old teen boy in 2013. The criminal, 25, of Ventura, was sentenced Friday, weeks after pleading guilty to one count of first degree murder in the death of Gabriel La Burnica. He also admitted that he committed the crime on behalf of his group and vengeance for his family. 

Gang Member Killed 4 While On Probation

  California gang member killed 4 while on probation. In SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIF. - A convicted felon who was on probation after allegedly killing four people, including his girlfriend and ex-girlfriend on the same day, has been charged with multiple counts of murder following a shooting rampage, according to the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office. Office. Authorities identified the suspect as 43-year-old Louis Peter Hernandez, also known as "The Wicked." Hernandez is a known gang member with a history of violence and is suspected of shooting and killing his girlfriend and another person over the fourth of July weekend.

Gardena Gang Member Sentenced For Murder

  Gardena gang member sentenced for murder of child federal agent. A 24-year-old gang member was found guilty by a jury Monday, July 2, of fatally shooting a Gardena man in front of his family's home nearly four years ago. Justin Arteaga, aka: According to a newspaper from the US. "Hitta," of Gardena, was convicted of one count felony theft, according to the DA's office. The men were members of the Gardena 13 "trese" street gang, which authorities say operates in several states controlled by the Mexican Mafia.

Vagos Biker Gang Member Is On The Run

  Officials say a member of the Vagos biker gang is on the run as they search for a home outside of California. TEHACHAPI, California. Authorities in California say one member of the Vagos motorcycle gang has been arrested and another remains at large after a search of a home in Kern County. Deputies searched a home in the 40000 block of Dawn Avenue where they found gang paraphernalia, ammunition hidden in Vago's jacket, a second round of ammunition hidden in a motorcycle, a fully automatic handgun and a 50 mm grenade launcher.

California Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang Arrested

  The entire California Hells Angels motorcycle gang has been arrested in a criminal street gang investigation. An entire crew of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang has been arrested in California as part of a criminal investigation into the street gang and is now facing kidnapping, robbery and assault charges, police say. The Bakersfield chapter of the "outlaw motorcycle gang" was arrested Tuesday following a joint investigation with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the California Highway Patrol, the Kern County Sheriff's Office announced. "More than 140 law enforcement officers seized approximately about 24 firearms, ammunition, several high-capacity magazines and gang-related items," 

California Mother Confesses To Brutal Murder

 CA m other confesses to brutal murder of newspaper reporter. A Los Angeles Californian mother of two who falsely claimed to have brutally murdered a newspaper reporter has finally been exonerated after shocking evidence revealed the true killer.

Gang Destroys A Small Mall In California

  Shocking video shows people destroying a small mall in California during a storm near the airport. Thousands of people stormed a small gas station near San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport in Oakland, California early Friday morning and vandalized the store. Shocking surveillance video shows a gang of suspects tearing up the store as they go through the refrigerated and shelving section, breaking items and filling small merchandise with loot. Sam Mardaie, owner of 76 Gas Station & Mini Market on Hegenberger Avenue, The thieves caused about $100,000 in damage to the store and threatened two employees who were working when the crime happened.

Slain San Bernardino Teenager Family Needs Help

  The family of the slain San Bernardino teenager is appealing for witnesses to come forward. Ayden Rodriguez, 14, was shot and killed a short distance from his home in San Bernardino, investigation teams are still searching for the people responsible, the motive for the killing has not yet been released.

Bloody Brawl In Indianapolis Katt Show

  Katt William  comic show finishes in a bloody brawl in Indianapolis. Katt Williams last show didn't end with a standing applause instead, it ended with bloodied fans leaving the building — because apparently a fight stopped the set. The comedian/actor took the stage at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis Sunday night ... but, apparently, about halfway through, a brawl broke out in the stands, bringing everything to a violent halt.

Foreign Organized Crime In San Diego

  Foreign organized crime syndicates target homes in San Diego. Organized crime syndicates have infiltrated some of San Diego's wealthiest neighborhoods. This is known as "hack tourism". They apply for tourist visas online and rely on what many consider a "weak verification system" to be accepted into US.

Violence In Liberal Public Schools

  Violence in liberal public schools has nearly doubled as parents demand more policing. Some parents in Los Angeles are fighting back against the city’s more progressive activist groups, and violence in the school district has nearly doubled since police were removed from school campuses in the wake of the 2020 riots in the killing of the Maria Luisa Palma, a member of the Los Angeles Parent Advisory Committee, organized an independent petition in February calling for police back to school campuses as regional data revealed high levels of violence.

La Widow Begs For Answers

LA widow begs for answers. The grieving widow of a man killed in a random attack on a Los Angeles bus says he was a loving husband and father. Now he's looking for answers about his death. When the bus stopped, Gomez-Ramirez got up to leave and Riviera put a gun to his head, killing him before fleeing the scene, prosecutors said. Riviera was found hiding under a train a few blocks away. Later he was  arrested and charged with murder.

Punishment Increase In La For Drug And Theft Crimes

  Increased penalties for some drug and theft crimes include three handcuffs. Proposition 36 would change the law to make third-time theft a felony, punishable by up to three years in prison, regardless of the value of the goods. The measure would also make possession of fentanyl a felony. Lastly, the bill would establish "mandatory felony treatment" upon a person's third arrest for drug possession.

La Jolla Motel Stabbing Leads Chase

La Jolla motel stabbing leads chase, drives car into water off Navy Pier. SAN DIEGO A person suspected of stabbing a an older lady at a La Jolla motel led police on a chase into downtown San Diego and then drove his car into the water near the USS Midway Museum early Monday morning. Police said a man believed to be a motel employee used some kind of “ruse” to enter a room with two women inside. Once inside, the worker stabbed one of the women in the chest and then fled.

Three and Children Kidnapped In La

  The Los Angeles Police Department is searching for a mother who kidnapped three Children in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department is asking for the public's help in locating three children who were kidnapped by their mother. The children, Mar-Naiya Shelton, 14; Major Shelton, 12, and General Velez-Peterson, 6, were last seen at 9 a.m. Saturday, according to a media release issued by the Los Angeles Police Department in the 2000 block of West Florence Avenue in South Los Angeles. Police identified the mother as Timberly White. If you have any information as to the location of  Timberly White please call 911.

Shooting Near A Southern California Homeless Camp

Three men were killed in a weekend shooting at a homeless encampment near Los Angeles, police said working in DOWNEY, Calif. - A shooting near a Southern California homeless camp over the weekend left three men dead, authorities said. Officers responded just before 9:02 p.m. Police said in a statement that they received reports of a shooting in a dry creek near Interstate 105 in Downey on Saturday. They found three men with gunshot wounds. The three men died at the scene, the statement said. It's unclear what led to the shooting, but police said it "remains an isolated crime."

Glendale Man Shot Dead

  Homicide detectives are investigating a shooting in Glendale that left a man dead, authorities said Monday. According to police, officers received an emergency 911 call about a shooting near North Brand Boulevard at 10:44 p.m. Police said when they arrived, they found a man in the road suffering from several gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No arrests have been made and police have not released information about potential suspects or other details.

Dozens Of Youths Were Detained In California

Dozens of youths were detained in California after fireworks went off at the mall. The youth were detained Saturday night in Carson, California, amid a major disturbance at the shopping mall. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to reports of a large gathering of approximately 200 youths at the SouthBay Pavilion Mall around 5:22 p.m., the department wrote on social media. During the gathering, youths set fire to a trash can and set off illegal fireworks inside a store at the mall, according to the sheriff's department. It is unclear what led to the meeting.

What is causing the increase in crime in Los Angeles?

What is causing the increase in crime in Los Angeles? Here are some statistics. Violent crime in Los Angeles rose for the second year in a row. During the month of March, murders increased by 24% compared to the same time last year. Overall, violent crime, which includes murder, robbery, aggravated assault and rape, rose 13.4 percent, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. The latest trend breaks more than a decade of declining crime rates in the LA area.

LA Metro Crime System Increases By 65%

Total crimes within the LA Metro system increase more than 65% in early 2024. The LA Metro City Council stated they want to increase law enforcement presence at Metro bus and train stations, according to a council member. The number of total crimes within the LA Metro system increased more than 65% in the first three months of 2024, according to new data. The latest public safety report showed that between January and March 2024 there were 1,719 crimes, excluding violent crimes. During the same period of 2023, 1034 incidents were reported.

Gunman Allegedly Kills 5, & Critically Injures Teenager

Gunman allegedly kills 5, critically injures teenager in shooting at 2 apartments By Los Angeles. A gunman allegedly killed the five victims and critically wounded a teenager in shootings at two Vegas Nevada apartments, authorities said. Police began searching for the suspect, 57-year-old Erick Adams, before North Las Vegas police announced later Tuesday that Adams died by suicide confirmed by the investigators and the hospital staff.

UCLA Student Victim Of Sexual Assault

Authorities say in WESTWOOD, LOS ANGELES a man is in custody on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female UCLA College student in her private dorm room on campus. According to a statement from the UCLA Police Department, around 2:45 a.m. Friday, the suspect entered the apartment building at the Saxon Residential Suites in the 300 block of De Neve Drive, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her while she was lying on the bed. Man will definitely be be facing serious jail time.

Autistic Boy Slapped By Grown Ass Man

Autistic boy beaten by man. A man in Pacoima punched an autistic boy in the face, leaving his family heartbroken over the unpleasant incident. A man is upset about what an autistic boy allegedly did to his car, and his response is drawing widespread criticism. The video on social media outraged the public. It shows 10-year-old Alfredo Morales sitting on a bus bench with his older sister as the angry man punches him. The autistic boy apparently damaged the Mercedes logo on the front. The boy's mother, Claudia Acevedo, was close to tears as she explained how upset she was that someone would be so bold as to punch a young child for touching a car. Alfredo likes to touch everything around him. Parents were angry by the mans assault on their child.

Crime Rates in California On Looking Viral In 2024

Rising crime rates in this California city have residents on high alert. Santa Monica residents are on high alert amid rising crime rates, some of which involve violence allegedly committed by homeless people or repeat offenders on probation. At the weekend, six people were arrested after a big fight near the port of Santa Monica. This fight led to a stabbing on the beach, the police say. Two people were taken to hospital - one with stab wounds and another with a possible broken ankle. Last week, police arrested 31-year-old Jawann Garnett after he allegedly attacked three women on the same beach. This incident happened on June 25 in the 1300 block of Ocean Front Walk. Garnett, a registered sex offender who is also homeless, allegedly dragged one victim underwater by her hair and assaulted the other two. A 17-year-old was taken to hospital for treatment of serious but non-life-threatening injuries, while two others - an older woman and a bystander who tried to grab her will intervene -

27 Arrested Made By Multiple Agencies SB CA

  Smash & Grab Nets 27 Arrests Throughout San Bernardino County In Last 2 Weeks. Between June 14 and June 27, 2024, a coordinated retail theft operation led by multiple law enforcement agencies resulted in 27 arrests. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department and other agencies were particularly concerned about an increase in shoplifting from several stores with organized labor. These groups use intimidation tactics that disturb the sense of safety and security for local residents. Operation SMASH & Grab targeted shopping centers in San Bernardino County the cities include Rancho Cucamonga, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville and Chino Hills. Investigators used conventional and unconventional methods to identify and arrest individuals involved in these theft activities. The DA should have their hands full with the upcoming case  Post29 Post223 Post245 Post133 Post4 Post28 Post32

Biden And His Ouster

Two Democratic supporters of Biden's campaign and those calling for his ouster indicated that the president's interview with ABC News only confirmed their position on his candidacy. According to a New York Times/Sienna poll released Monday and a Reuters/Ipsos poll last Friday, Biden's approval rating is 36 to 37 percent among likely voters.

Ca Ban On Hidden Fees 2024

In the month of October, California (CA) passed the nation's first ban on hidden fees, or the now-common extra fees you get when you buy things like concert tickets. "The price Californians see will be the price they pay," Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement with the bill's authors, SB478. Then the restaurant industry began to complain, and California lawmakers over the next few months

Reaching Very Hot Temps In Palm Springs

Palm Springs reaches very hot temps in the summer and temperatures above 110 are not uncommon. Last July 5, 4:10 p.m. Palm Springs' record high temperature of 123 degrees was broken Friday, the National Weather Service confirmed by phone. Although the organization won't officially record it as a record temperature until 4:49 p.m. On Friday, the temperature reading taken at 3:54 p.m., which represents the hourly high, showed a temperature of 124 degrees.

Violence At Surf City USA

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA USA. - Two people were killed and three others were wounded in an attack during a Fourth of July neighborhood rally in a Southern California beach town, police said Friday. The county coroner Friday morning removed two bodies from the crime scene, which lay on a grassy median in a palm-lined neighborhood. The violence was a few blocks from the ocean community known as "Surf City USA."

LA Celeb Plays Part In 4th Of July Street Parade

Celeb Danny Trejo, also know as "Machete" and a Los Angeles native, believes his race caused the brawl at a July 4th parade. In an interview with TMZ, Trejo and his unnamed friend said a man accidentally threw a water balloon at the vintage convertible they were in during a parade in L.A.'s Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood. Trejo didn't realize it was filled with water at first, causing him to react anxiously. He was stunned by the actions.

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