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Crrectional Departments Outlawing Forced Labor In California

  California's plan wants to ban forced labor in prisons. C alifornians will vote on a measure aimed at outlawing labor in state jails and prisons. Although the California Constitution outlaw's slavery and forced labor The golden state continues to the practice of such physical activity in prison as punishment for crimes, under a proposed measure, under a proposition. State legislators are considering a complete ban and prohibiting prisons and jails from using it as discipline for criminals behind bars.

Triple Homicide Crime Is Pointing To A Person

  A California triple homicide crime is pointing to a person who has been arrested in Modesto CA. Mr. Cardona is suspected of pyro technics to the trailer in which a lady and her were discovered dead in late June.  The huge organized search for three homicide suspects with ties to Idaho has ended after law enforcement reported the men were arrested and charged. 

Combating Hate In The Inland Empire

Experts said during a panel discussion about combating hate in the Inland Empire. “Hate crimes have increased every presidential election year,” said Brian Levin, co-founder of the Cal State San Bernardino Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism. Hate crimes in the US increased by nearly 25% between and climed again has continued to as of of 2024. Common interests were races of immigrant decents. According to the UC SB center's research. Crimes of hate rose by almost triple digits in America's major cities last year.

Guns And Drugs Were Seized In IE Operation Discipline

Guns and drugs were seized during a two-week crime sweep in the IE Operation Discipline is a nationwide criminal fighting initiative approved by the San Bernardino County Board that funds law enforcement to prevent crimes that impact the "Bliss of life" of residents in the IE. During the course of almost three weeks, under cover teams investigated gang members and individuals known to be prohibited from owning guns. The investigation resulted in 44 felony arrests, an unrevealed amount of pharmaceutical drugs, and the seizure of 20 firearms; most of them are stealth weapons; these are stealth weapons without registration numbers and are made using spare parts.

Prosecutor's Office Increase Penalties During Disasters

  The law authorizes the prosecutor's office to increase penalties for various crimes committed after a disaster if the crime is linked to a natural disaster. “This is a time where we should unite and provide assistance to one another, but instead criminals are taking advantage of others and benefiting themselves, so I think this is a very fair policy at this time,” said the DA.

Fatal Death At The Valley Fire State Park

  Fatal Shooting at popular state park under Investigation at the valley of Fire State Park. A park ranger shot and killed a person at a Nevada park on Wednesday. T he park ranger fired his service weapon said witnesses in a statement. The only person who was injured was the victim who later died. It was announced that the person died in the park. An autopsy will most likely be performed to confirm the identity of the deceased and reveal the cause and manner of death. Details about what happened before the shooting had not been released by vegas investigators as of last Tuesday. The park ranger was not harmed, and declared a hero.

Victim Of A Shooting In Northwest Las Vegas Is Dead

  The victim of a shooting in northwest Las Vegas has been identified. A medical examiner's report said Lippincott died of multiple gunshot wounds. The man was dead at the scene of the shooting. Jason Johanson from the local Police Department said at a news conference Friday morning another man appeared to be in his 40s, was transported to a hospital in terrible condition. The two men were inside the property with several other people when the argument turned into gunfire. According to a report released Friday afternoon, sheriff's do not think there are any suspects in the shooting.

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