Saturday, July 6, 2024

Autistic Boy Slapped By Grown Ass Man

Autistic boy beaten by man. A man in Pacoima punched an autistic boy in the face, leaving his family heartbroken over the unpleasant incident. A man is upset about what an autistic boy allegedly did to his car, and his response is drawing widespread criticism. The video on social media outraged the public. It shows 10-year-old Alfredo Morales sitting on a bus bench with his older sister as the angry man punches him. The autistic boy apparently damaged the Mercedes logo on the front. The boy's mother, Claudia Acevedo, was close to tears as she explained how upset she was that someone would be so bold as to punch a young child for touching a car. Alfredo likes to touch everything around him. Parents were angry by the mans assault on their child.

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