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Gay College Student Gets Stabbed During A Murder Spree

The killer says he stabbed a gay college student during a murder spree. Samuel Woodward testified Wednesday that he said he felt "A sense of anger unlike anything I've ever felt in my life." When he stabbed former classmate Blaze Bernstein repeatedly on a Lake Forest street before burying Bernstein by himself  with his bare hands." In a dramatic conclusion to his fou rth day of testimony in a Santa Ana courtroom, Woodward described killing Bernstein violently after she said Bernstein touched her buttocks. He testified against himself that he was concerned that Bernstein had taken and texted obscene pictures of himself to others, which prompted him to first take Bernstein's phone and then attack him. He said he kept stabbing and stabbing he couldn't put the knife down.

Gardena Gang Member Sentenced For Murder

 Gardena gang member sentenced for murder of child federal agent. A 24-year-old gang member was found guilty by a jury Monday, July 2, of fatally shooting a Gardena man in front of his family's home nearly four years ago. Justin Arteaga, aka: According to a newspaper from the US. "Hitta," of Gardena, was convicted of one count felony theft, according to the DA's office. The men were members of the Gardena 13 "trese" street gang, which authorities say operates in several states controlled by the Mexican Mafia.

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